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We Are Kingston aims to inspire you to shop locally in Kingston, so we've chosen to showcase just a few of the independent businesses who make Kingston so special and asked them to share some of their favourite things about our town. It's a chance for you to get to know the personalities behind the businesses, and to share what you love about Kingston. 

Of course, we've added a little extra fun to the town centre too! Head into Kingston to discover our selfie frames (see if you can locate all three of them!) and take a snap to show what you love about Kingston. Share your photos on social using the hashtag #wearekingston. Visit our exhibition on Market Place and meet the businesses featuring in our campaign, and maybe discover somewhere new. And look out for our We Are Kingston poem outside Kingston Station and on Clarence Street. 

‘We are Kingston’ celebrates the pride and passion of the wonderful people in Kingston, but Kingston is nothing without you too. We look forward to welcoming you soon. 

Banquet Records
Eden Street

"If you’re visiting Kingston, my top tip would be to plan it. There’s always a lot of stuff going on right under your nose. I’d recommend that you look off the beaten track, if you’re a rock music fan you might want to go to The Fighting Cocks, if you want good vegetarian food then go to Riverside Vegetaria. Take the time to research Kingston and you’ll find there’s plenty to keep you coming back."
- Jon, Banquet Records

The Cheeky Pea
Eden Walk Shopping Centre

“Kingston for me is the capital of Surrey. It’s where everyone from the surrounding areas come and where they meet up. We have everything that you’d need in Kingston – including good food.
- Shay, The Cheeky Pea

“I like the fact that people feel at home at The Cheeky Pea – when customers come in, we tell the staff to greet them like they’ve just come into your living room.”
- Tal, The Cheeky Pea

Stone Hair 
Old London Road

"The best place to show off your new Stone haircut has to be The Cocoanut, just off Fairfield. They do really good Thai food, it’s one of my favourites in Kingston.”
- John, Stone Hair

Caffe Jax
Old London Road

“If you’re visiting Kingston, definitely come to Old London Road. We have the popular tumbling phone boxes and the Cleaves Arms Houses, which were built in the 1700s. There’s plenty to see here.”
- Eleni, Caffe Jax

Ram Passage

“I love that there’s the river, that there are still some independent shops and businesses around – Fife Road, Natterjacks, Eden Walk. It’s what sets Kingston apart I think, what makes it unique.”
- Dom, Woody’s Bar and Kitchen

Turk River Cruises
Town End Pier, High Street

“The favourite part of my job is the people. Driving a boat and engaging with tourists, people who’ve never been to Kingston before, or people who’ve been on our boat a hundred times. It’s just fun to chat to people and drive the boat.”
- Nick, Turks River Cruises

Cappadocia Restaurant
Fife Road

"Kingston is generally is such a nice town to visit, there’s a buzzy high-street and riverside. Personally, the Apple Market is one of my favourites – there’s lots of nice stores (and great bread) there. But my top-tip for visitors coming to Kingston would be come to Cappadocia!"
- Jimmy, Cappadocia

I Do Bridalwear
Ram Passage

“I love walking by the riverside when I am not working. It’s perfect in any season, and it changes every day.”
- Jenny, I Do Bridalwear

The Fighting Cocks
Old London Road

“We love the history, the heritage, the diversity of Kingston – there’s everything really. From the river to the market, to the town centre, and everything that the university campuses bring. It’s awesome.”
- Jamie, The Fighting Cocks

Riverside Walk

“There’s a lot of vibrancy in town since the restaurants and shops have reopened. I think that people just want to support their local neighbourhood. That’s what’s really nice about the area and the vibe of Kingston.”
- Arjun, Chakra

Kate's Flowers
Riverside Walk

“Every morning I go and get myself a coffee from The Olive Tree stall. That’s the best coffee in Kingston.”
- Kate, Kate’s Flowers 

Piranha Comics
Crown Passage

“I think Kingston is just a beautiful area. I love bringing my kids here because there’s always activities on – it’s a safe environment, and there are lots of good shops. It’s just a really nice, well looked after area. Kingston is somewhere everyone should try to get to.”
- Bek, Piranha Comics

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