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John Rose Eye Care

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Award winning opticians in Kingston upon Thames.

John Rose Eyecare is an independent, technologically advanced optometric practice for a different kind of client - one who expects more, both in clinical expertise and in outstanding client care. Unlike some high street chains, you will always be seen by a senior optometrist who will take time to get to know you and try to answer any questions about your eye health or eye care products.

Additionally to providing excellent eye care, John Rose are leading the way with revolutionary Red Light Therapy - and how it can help you to train harder, look younger, feel happier and reduce inflammation- the underlying cause of numerous chronic conditions.

To experience the feeling of being “bathed in the good-light”, you no longer need to travel to NASA, Hollywood or Beverley Hills. The NovoTHOR whole body light pod has arrived in London (the first in the UK), located at John Rose Eye Care in Kingston.

Used by elite and Olympic athletes such as Justin Gatlin, Mo Farah, World champion rowers, A-list Celebrities and Hollywood stars, NASA and the US Military, it involves a 15 minute, non-invasive session where beams of infrared light are applied to the skin from £45.

Home » Places » John Rose Eye Care