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The Byron story hails from America and simple, tasty burgers – a bit messy, but made with good quality meat.

Burgers with only the classic adornments; some lettuce, tomato, red onion, and maybe a slice of cheese or bacon. The ultimate comfort food and so satisfying in their simplicity. Hamburgers the way they should be.

In London in 2007, Byron released there weren’t any restaurants offering classic American hamburgers, so the idea for Byron was born: to do a simple thing well, and do it properly.

They take four cuts of properly sourced British beef, mince it fresh and cook it medium so it’s pink, juicy and succulent. They place it in a soft, squishy bun with minimum fuss and fanfare and serve it with a smile in a comfortable environment. And that’s it.

They have a few restaurants now but their vision remains the same. To keep serving proper hamburgers the way they should be.

Home » Places » Byron