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Opening Times

Monday 10:00-18:00

Tuesday 10:00-18:00

Wednesday 10:00-18:00

Thursday 10:00-18:00

Friday 10:00-18:00

Saturday 10:00-18:00

Sunday 11:00-17:00

After opening hours can be booked for Thursday by appointment only.

With rich history of over 60 years, BoConcept was founded in Denmark in 1952 and up to this day has opened close to 300 stores worldwide in over 60 countries. Located in the most prominent of cities worldwide - from the Le Marais in Paris and Madison Avenue in New York - BoConcept Kingston is on the same map with all other 8 stores in the city of London.

Growth, exceptional customer service and outstanding performance are the three company values that build what BoConcept is today: we strive to deliver great design, product quality and customer satisfaction all at once. Over 60 years of experience has provided our team with invaluable respect for each person that walks through our door.

Apart from manufacturing quality furniture with timeless design, BoConcept offers its customers a free interior design consultation and a wide array of options to choose from: every piece of furniture is customized to suit everyone’s needs, style and preference. With this holistic approach to interior design and decoration, we aim to make each of our customers feel at home when they enter BoConcept Kingston.

Home » Places » BoConcept