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All Saints Church

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All Saints in Kingston is the focal point of the town.  Since the 9th century, there has been a church on this site, when it was originally part of the Saxon royal estate.

Very few churches have a history as rich and as fascinating as All Saints in Kingston. Key events in the church’s history include Egbert, King of Wessex, holding his great council here in 838 and in the 10th century, Athelstan and Ethelred the Unready were two of the seven Saxon kings of England said to be crowned here. Construction of the present church began in 1120 under the orders of Henry I, and almost every century since then some extension or addition has been made, making the architecture of this beautiful church truly captivating.

The church boasts a 14th century wall-painting of St. Blaise, the impressive 16th century tomb of Sir Anthony Benn, a 17th century marble font attributed to Sir Christopher Wren, twelve bells and an 18th century Carillon. Other highlights include the great west window of the 19th century, and the magnificent Frobenius organ installed in 1988, plus a memorial chapel to the East Surrey Regiment. The church is open seven days a week, with services on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday

Home » Places » All Saints Church