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7000 Jars of Beer

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Family owned bottle shop in Kingston Upon Thames selling small batch brews, artisanal wines and gins. 

7000 Jars of Beer care greatly about beer, and the focus is on interesting, high-quality and conscientious beers and breweries. They give these micro breweries space on the shelf and show people what a small team of brewers in some old wellies and a brew kit can do. 7000 Jars of Beer stock fresh, ever changing beers; from punchy IPAs and dry-hopped lagers to barrel-aged sours and rich roasty stouts.

7000 Jars of Beer are proud to bring the best of what’s being brewed directly to Kingston. They also dedicate a portion of the shop to artisanal wines, small batch gins and amazing cheeses! 

Home » Places » 7000 Jars of Beer