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New pop-up parks offer greenery and seating in town centre

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Our new pop-up parks, created in partnership with Kingston Council, are the perfect spot to stop and relax in nature in the town centre. We worked with local landscape architect Davies White to design and build the new planters and seating, which have a range of beautiful flowers and greenery. 

Recent research we carried out with both residents and businesses showed a strong desire for more green spaces in the town centre. To help address this the aim of our #SocialSpaces project is to deliver three temporary schemes in Thames Street, Lower Fife Road and outside of Kingston Station, bringing additional greenery and supporting biodiversity in our town. It is hoped that temporary enhancements to the town centre will support the recovery of the local economy as we come out of lockdown, and enable local hospitality businesses to extend their outdoor eating offer.

Throughout the design process for Thames Street both organisations have engaged with accessibility groups and businesses about the proposals, to understand any concerns and adapt the designs and plans accordingly. It’s clear how vitally important this area is for access to the riverside, shops, services and community facilities. The feedback was given careful consideration and as a result it was ensured that disabled parking was retained in Bishop’s Hall, and additional provision was made in Thames Street and Fife Road.

  • The scheme involves the closure of part of Thames Street to enable it to become a pedestrian and cycle only zone, from 10am to 5pm every day.

  • Blue Badge holders will still be able to enter the area in order to access the existing 4 blue badge parking bays in Bishops Hall at all times of the day.

  • The Council has converted two pay and display parking bays outside 23 Fife Road to blue badge parking.

  • The first part of Thames Street remains open at all times, and has loading and disabled parking bay provision. Three bays will be available for blue badge parking between noon and 10.30pm, with a maximum stay time of three hours. There is also space for two additional spaces within the scheme area outside of the operational hours of 10am to 5pm.

  • The reallocation of disabled spaces impacted by the scheme is also intended to include the provision of bays within the Guildhall complex, as they are close to the town centre. At present they can be accessed at weekends and evenings and the Council are striving to extend this to include the whole of the weekdays.

This scheme is an experiment that can be in place for up to 18 months. Our survey is still open and we welcome people sharing their views, experiences and suggestions about these temporary measures:

You can also let us know how you like them by tagging @InKingstonUK in any photos on social! 

Home » News » New pop-up parks offer greenery and seating in town centre