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Keep Safe in the Ancient Market Place

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Market Place Safety

We continue to work with our traders to ensure they comply with health and safety guidance and social distancing measures.

When shopping at Kingston Ancient Market, we would ask that you:

  • Please take care of each other and our market.

  • Do not hang around to eat your food, move away and maintain social distancing at all times. 

  • Please keep your distance and stay 2m apart. If a stand gets too busy, you may be asked to come back.

  • We welcome cyclists but we encourage you to walk through the Market Place to ensure all customers and visitors are able to use the space. Please fold and carry folded bikes. Cycle parking is available across the town centre for bigger bikes.

  • Please use contactless payment where possible.

  • We are encouraging the use of paper and cotton bags and packaging wherever possible, as evidence suggests the virus remains viable for less time on porous surfaces than it does on plastic.

  • Please try not to pick up and put down items of produce while you are shopping.

  • Please keep your hands clean - sanitise or wash them.

  • Usually we would be happy for people to bring reusable cups and containers, but for now we would ask you to refrain from doing so.

Thank you for your cooperation and happy shopping.

Home » News » Keep Safe in the Ancient Market Place