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Get a free mood-boosting starter every Wednesday with Giggling Squid

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As the fun of the festive season has been and gone and sunny smiles are at an all-time low, it’s official, January really is no laughing matter.

Research commissioned by Thai restaurant group, Giggling Squid, has revealed:

  • Almost 1 in 3 Brits (29%) say they’re least likely to smile in January
  • Almost half (48%) of Brits say they feel their mood is lower in January than any other month 
  • Over half of Brits say spending time with family is their top mood booster (54%) closely followed by laughing (50%) and kind gestures (40%)

With the research highlighting time with family, laughing and kind gestures as the top mood boosters, Giggling Squid is encouraging Brits to wave farewell to Dry January and hello to ‘Thai January’, by enjoying a mood-boosting experience at their local Giggling Squid.

Chosen for their use of quality, flavoursome ingredients, the Giggling Squid’s dishes are designed to increase happiness, thanks to mood-boosting ingredients including:

  • Seafood and chicken – Containing vitamins B3 and B6, nutrients that are important for our mental wellbeing
  • Chillies - Guaranteed to warm us up on cold, gloomy winter days, a recent study even found that consuming chilli peppers could help lower your chance of dying from coronary heart disease and reduce the risk of death by stroke. The presence of the anti-inflammatory compound capsaicin, which creates the spicy burning sensation, is thought to be behind the health boost[i]. Plus the body releases endorphins as it deals with the heat!
  • Chocolate – Containing iron and copper, nutrients that help keep the immune system functioning normally (good news as being unwell can really affect our mood)
  • Coconut – Containing potassium to help maintain blood pressure
  • Pineapple – A deliciously zingy source of vitamin C, which helps to prevent tiredness and fatigue, symptoms that often go together with being fed up

Furthermore, sharing plates and delicious trio desserts also encourage social sharing, highlighted as one of Brits’ top mood boosters!

With this in mind, Giggling Squid are offering a free starter every Wednesday in January to those that visit for a mood-boosting meal. 

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Home » News » Get a free mood-boosting starter every Wednesday with Giggling Squid