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Snow Patrol

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7th June 7:00pm

Location: Banquet Records

n celebration of new album Wildness, Snow Patrol visit Banquet Records an acoustic in-store set, before they play New Slang at the Hippodrom. 

Having been doing this for two decades, they have an arsenal of quality spanning over many albums, and a gig history which includes Wembley Stadium, The Olympics and the last ever Top Of The Pops, as well as the smaller gig venues circuits from the early years. In 2018, they're back with their first album in seven years, which Lightbody says is "the first record I’ve ever written that I haven’t just asked a bunch of questions. I actually tried to figure out why I was unhappy, why I feel out of place, why I’m afraid". 

Hear acoustic versions of the new album songs plus selections from an outstanding back catalogue in this career spanning set.

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Home » What's On » Snow Patrol