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14th June 6:00pm

Location: Banquet Records

Following the release of their new album, Peace return to Kingston for a set at Banquet Records, before playing at New Slang at the Hippodrome. 

The third full length album from indie-poppers Peace is titled Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll, seeing the band push their ever-evolving and fantastic songwriting. They've been in Kingston a couple of times before so we're super excited to have them back.

The songs seem to embrace an acceptance that not everyone can be happy, all of the time: “There’s a weird duality I haven't really understood yet. A yin and yang, light and shade. To make a record that was wholly positive wouldn't really be a fair representation of me, or anyone. Everyone has things about themselves that are darker, confusing, and not necessarily positive. There’s definitely no Instagram filter on this album.”

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Home » What's On » Peace