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Make it Christmas Workshop: Rituals

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17th November 7:15pm to 8:15pm

Location: Rituals

Take advantage of a moment of serenity in the middle of the hectic festive season with Rituals Slow Down Session. Begin with a relaxing tea, breathing exercises and gentle stretching followed by candlelight meditation. There will also be Abhayanga hand and arm massage taught with natural oils.

Fri 17 Nov, 7.15-8.15pm
Church Street             
Tickets: £5 per person
To book: call 0208 546 8121 or email to reserve your place.
Please note bookings, waiver forms and payments need to be made/cancelled no later than 24 hours prior to event. Fees cannot be refunded but may be used in-store. Dress code is comfortable clothing.

The power of Rituals. 

They are everywhere: at any given moment, of every single day, waiting to be discovered, eager to share the beauty within them. They are the seemingly meaningless moments we all tend to overlook.

Rituals unveils these moments and reminds you to experience them with joy. Whether it’s taking a nice long bath or creating a homey atmosphere with the rich scent of Asian incense, Rituals allows you to find happiness in the smallest of things.

Home » What's On » Make it Christmas Workshop: Rituals