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Katrin Plavčak: Haus der Lose

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17th January 11:00am to 6th April 5:00pm

Location: Stanley Picker Gallery

Democracy is in a state. This first UK solo exhibition by Vienna-based artist Katrin Plavčak comes to Stanley Picker Gallery at the start of the year that sees the United Kingdom on the verge of a dramatic break with the European Union. The exhibition of new and recent works will conclude with a live event on Friday 29 March, that will feature the musical trio Chicken (Plavčak, Hoffman, Ganglberger) who will play out the final day – or not – of the Brexit process.

Haus der Lose / House of Lots refers to systems of democracy, practiced in ancient Athens, whereby citizens selected by lot – through random sortition, rather than by public election – actively participate in what still function in certain countries as ‘People’s Assemblies’ that are convened to resolve the major issues of the day. The exhibition is partly inspired by the writings of the Belgian author David Van Reybrouck, whose book Against Elections: The Case for Democracy (pub. Die Bezige Bij, 2013) offers a convincing diagnosis for the failures of contemporary democracy, and makes the argument that our reliance upon present forms of electoral systems to provide us with representative leadership, has led to growing voter disillusionment with an increasingly narrow field of career-politicians jockeying for positions in power, across Europe and beyond.

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Stanley Picker Gallery at Kingston University is a public venue dedicated to the commissioning, production and presentation of innovative new practice across the fields of art, design and architecture.

Home » What's On » Katrin Plavčak: Haus der Lose