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Ginger Wildheart

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13th May 12:00pm

Location: Banquet Records

Following the release of his latest album, Ginger Wildheart plays a lunchtime set in the shop.

His new album titled Ghost In The Tanglewood, showcases his impecable songwriting abilities by blending country, folk, roots and plenty of rock. It's more mellow compared to what we're used to from Ginger but no less great and we can't wait to have this prolific artist visit the shop.

“The songs largely deal with the traditionally taboo subject of mental health issues, specifically depression, which I have suffered from my whole life. Having recently weaned myself off medication, the music I make now serves as both therapy and comfort. I find relief in this music and hope that the songs bring a similar comfort to the listener. The narrative throughout is pretty confessional in nature, but I think the candid approach showcases the lyrics in a more bold and open way than a traditional rock album.”

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Home » What's On » Ginger Wildheart